Alec Baldwin Drops Aliens for Singing Lessons


It’s just another day for Sony’s troubled “Men in Black III” (read about it’s many hiccups here).

Alec Baldwin has exited the picture due to scheduling clashes… or whatever the publicist-penned excuse was.

The “30 Rock” star tells Vulture, “I’m not doing that. I’m out of it; the schedule didn’t work out.”

Baldwin was going to play the head of the MIB agency of the ’60s – the time period in which our heroes travel back to in this installment of the previously-successful film series.

I can’t say I’m all that surprised “MIB III” is swimming down a wild river without floaties, I mean, the flick started shooting with no script! Tell me how that works again?

After Clint’s love letter yesterday for the star, I’m guessing he might be a little disappointed too. But, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel, C. He’s trading in the aliens for some singing lessons for his upcoming “Rock of Ages”!