Jack Bauer : I’ll be back in a year!


Though he’s got his hands full with a new TV show, former “24” star Kiefer Sutherland insists it’s full-speed ahead on the feature film version of the latter series.

Sutherland, confirming rumours that Tony Scott (“Top Gun”, “Domino”) is involved in the production (be it producing or directing; he didn’t say), told the girls on The View that “24 : The Movie” will be out 2012.

Considering the film’s reported script issues (the studio didn’t go for Billy Ray’s draft so they’ve gone back to the drawing board) and the fact that Twentieth Century Fox have yet to announce the film, Sutherland’s statement may be part determination, part wishful-thinking. Still, if anyone’s going to know… Jack Bauer would.

Still, EW says “the movie has yet to find a director and has no start date. I guess we should stay tuned.”