Zack Snyder says he likes Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns



So what’s that mean? Nothing, well…except maybe the possibility that the blank slate Snyder’s starting with on his “Superman” might have some dot points scribbled on it in invisible ink. Like what? Well, like certain aspects from Singer’s film or even Richard Donner’s film that he’d like to pay homage too. After all, one can pay homage while still doing their own thing – look, or rather listen, to The Black Eyed Pea’s Time of Your Life.

Snyder spoke to Screen Junkies (about “Sucker Punch”) and was asked how he felt about the previous “Superman” movies.

”I love the movie”, Snyder says of “Superman”. “I love the Superman character and I like the movie. It’s just we felt like we had to shed all that in order to start again and find the why of the character over.”

Snyder’s main tweak to the world of Superman is his removal of the character from the ‘fantasy world’.

”I think the thing I’ve been thinking about with this movie is that it’s kind of its own thing in a lot of ways. I guess we’ll see how the action unfolds but the way I talk about Superman, the way I’ve been talking to everyone about shooting it is trying to get Superman to exist in the real world and be a character that lives in our world. So it’s a much more realistic, it’ll probably be the most realistic movie I’ve ever photographed.”

Snyder also suggests that, despite the rumours, Lois Lane’s in this movie (we know there is;  Kristina Anapau is one of many who have either met or been mentioned for the role).

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