Ask Clint : March 27, 2011


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Ask Clint replaces the section previously known as ‘Moviehole Mailbag‘ (and frequented by the ever-popular ‘Holden’; we hope – or do we? – he makes a return appearance here).

Instead of just offering up huffy-nostriled smart-arse answers, I’ll try and actually come up with some sort of half-intelligent retort or answer for you. Try and stay on the topic of film and entertainment please but if you must, I will accept the odd question regarding hard-to-move grime from shower screens.

Some of the mail I’ve received over the past month or so (I am sorry I haven’t’ responded. I have about 2000 emails in my inbox a day, and many that I don’t even get time to respond to – – thus, this section).


I don’t understand your love for “Superman Returns”, Clint. What’s with that!?

What was so wrong with the movie? I thought it was a perfectly enjoyable, and very loyal – particularly to the original films we love so much – “Superman” yarn. Sure, it had it’s tonal problems, but I loved the poignancy of the plot, Brandon Routh’s terrific turn as Clark Kent, and the production design. Wasn’t much about it I didn’t like actually – well, maybe just the sequence that suggested one of the pooches ate the other. A bit distasteful for such a movie, no? Still, I don’t really get the hate… but I sure as heck know – boy, do I know – that a lot of you do hate it.

Boys, good job as always – – just wanted to let you know about some formatting bugs on a couple of old stories. Want URL’s?
Stephen Bruce

Try Baygon. Works a treat. (And now for a serious answer : Please, MH co-owner Pete has nothing better to do – well, besides manning twenty other websites and changing nappies (not his own) – than to fix errors. He loves it. Dry humps the mere thought of a coding gaffe.)

appreciate the hard work you put into the site. As you know, I’ve been running my movie blog for about 3 years now… when do we start making money? Is there any out there to make? Hope you and the fam have a Happy New Year, man
David W

You’ve picked a rotten time to enter the game unfortunately. Ten years ago, when the internet was relatively new and there were only a few websites around, you had an OK chance of making some dough via affiliate ads and so on; these days, what with all the competition but more so the decreasing interest in advertising on independently-run websites (i.e those not owned by a corp – of which there are now plenty) the most you can hope for is to cover costs and a bit. I know many web guys who, after a good run of running their popular websites full-time, have now suddenly been faced with the realization that they can no longer survive alone on the monthly cheques they receive; as such, they’ve gone out and got full-time jobs – some have even left their websites. As I’ve told a few others in recent months, your best bet, if you want to make a quid on the internet, is to kick off a blog or product store that features content and products that are, for lack of a better word, ‘trending’ – iPhones, Real Estate, Perfume, Lingerie, Apps, Windows software…. you get the picture. My advice thoughh : If you enjoy doing the film site, and are making enough to cover costs and staff each month, keep doing it; at least you and your staff get the odd free DVD.

Was watching “The Hitcher” the other night – the good one – and wondered what C.Thomas Howell is doing now? anything?
Andreas (off Twitter)

Hey Andreas,
First of all, the “Hitcher” remake isn’t so bad – I thought Sean Bean did a great job of playing nuttso and the cinematography combined with the audio mix and some snazzy editing made for an entertaining movie. As for ‘Tommy’ Howell, he’s doing very well – he’s currently on “Southland”, one of my favourite cable series, playing a slightly screwloose Californian copper, and he’s got a small role in the new “Spider-Man” movie – playing, I believe, a construction worker whose kid is rescued by Spidey.

Read on your Twitter that “Drive Angry” is no longer coming out in Australia now. Why?
Christopher Weaver

Have you got a few hours to spare? No? well, here’s the short version : “Drive Angry” didn’t do well in the U.S so the local distributors decided it would likely do similar business here. Don’t let the returns put you off the movie though, the only reason people didn’t flock to see it is because it wasn’t a known-band – comic book, remake, sequel, board-game… Had the film been released as “Big Momma’s Hoon”, it’d likely have shot straight to the top of the charts.

You rep Kristina Anapau, right? Any truth to the Lois Lane rumors?

Yes I do and yep, the rumour is true, Lois likes it rough.

It’s due to people like you guys that Kristen Stewart has such a reputation – never refer to her as KStew – never, and if you ever speak of the new Twilight, and I wish you wouldn’t, Breaking Dawn should be treated with respect even more than the other peoples films. Clean up!
Melissa Gray

Now… Kristen Stewart, is that the little girl from Panic Room that dates the sparkly pale guy? Sure! Looking forward to dawn breaking more than any more this year actually… nothing as beaut as a fresh, new day! (And seriously, what the frick – – did you even read our reviews of the “Twilight” films not to mention “AdventureLand” and “In the Land of Women”!?)

I enjoyed Leash’s interview with Aaron Eckhart, but why didn’t she ask about “Dark Knight Rises”?

Hey Brian,
Leash will be glad to hear you enjoyed it. As for why she didn’t ask about “Dark Knight Rises”, I don’t think there was any reason too – at that stage he was pretty much convinced he wouldn’t be in the film (recently – i.e after the “Battle : Los Angeles” interviews – reports surfaced that Eckhart may indeed be putting in a cameo as Two-Face).