Iron Man to make an appearance in TVs Wonder Woman?


…. well, sorta.

A casting agent told Moviehole over the weekend that her client has a minor role in NBC’s “Wonder Woman”, the new David E.Kelley-shepherded reboot starring Adrianne Palicki as the Invisible Jet cruising crime-fighter. He appears in a scene opposite….. Iron Man.

“Wonder Woman is chasing one of the suspected bad guys onto Hollywood Boulevard – near the Chinese Theater. She has a run-in with a fake Iron Man and then a Wonder Woman performer – in her fifties. The street performers cause her to lose her suspect”

So, as far as the series is concerned, in that world, Iron Man and Wonder Woman actually exist in the comic world [too]? And they say Ernest went to Camp. Hmmm.

“Wonder Woman” stars Palicki, Cary Elwes, Elizabeth Hurley, Justin Bruening and Aussie Brett Tucker.