Tron 3 teaser leaks… but will the film even happen?


I love “Tron” and I love “Tron Legacy” and I’d love nothing more than to see a third film come to fruition but, fact of the matter is, as of this moment, that second sequel has stalled. A very reliable source, who shall remain anonymous, tells me that it’s entirely possible that “one day”  will may be treated to another “Tron” movie but not – and I guess we can blame the not-super returns on “Legacy” – at the moment.

And, yep, I know there’s some “Tron 3” teasers on the new “Tron Legacy” Blu-ray but seems they’ve mainly been put together, I’m told, ”for ‘fun’ and ‘if'”. There is no third “Tron” movie in the works at this stage. I know, those clips are a bit of a tease in more ways than one, but they were put together outside of Disney and, long story short, the studio had no choice but to include them on the release. The producers are obviously hoping fans love the teasers so much that we start picketing the studio in the hope we can change their mind about a second sequel.

If there is a third “Tron” movie (heck, why not an animated one, Disney? – huge savings to be made there!), even if it’s in 20 years, it’ll likely pit Sam Flynn against the Dillinger’s… or Master Control Program? as per the ‘teaser’ on the new Blu-ray (which, I must say, looks terrific! some great extras on there too) which you can view below :

But again, “Tron 3” isn’t in development at Disney at the moment. I know, it sucks, but we’ve got “Tron Legacy”, right? Right?