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The lovely Teresa Palmer (“Bedtime Stories”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”) is said to be testing for the role of ‘O’, the role Jennifer Lawrence was once penciled in to play, in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”.

The flick, announced a couple of weeks ago, tells of Californian pot growers who get in over their heads, and stars Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Benicio Del Toro. Lawrence, hot from her Oscar nomination for “Winter’s Bone”, would’ve played the best friend of Johnson and Kitsch’s characters, a trippy beauty who has been in relationships with both. When the boys refuse to do business with the local drug cartel, the rogues kidnap ‘O’.

Palmer, who has had a great couple of years in the states following acclaimed turns in local fare like “2:37″ and “December Boys”, is said to competing with Olivia Wilde (“TRON Legacy”) and Blake ‘Gossip Girl’ Lively for the part, as per Variety to play Lawrence’s proxy. One would imagine, what with Oliver Stone involved, this would be a much sought-after role.

The trade has also announced that Universal Pictures, who distributed Stone’s 1989 gem “Born on the Fourth of July”, will be distributing the picture.

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