Paging Megan Gale! Justice League getting back up!


You’ll recall a feature film of comics’ “Justice League of America” was canceled at the 11th hour in late 2007, early 2008. The film, set to be directed by “Mad Max” directing ‘doc’ George Miller with Megan Gale attached to play Wonder Woman, Armie Hammer set as Batman and D.J Cotrona as Superman, among others, was killed because of the writers strike, tax credit issues downunder and Warner suddenly feeling uneasy about putting another ‘Batman’ – as in the cat in the cowl – out there while Christian Bale was still donning his dark cloak.
But with Nolan’s “Batman” series now coming to an end (with 2012’s “Dark Knight Rises”), Warner Bros are ready to give “Justice League” another go.
Speaking to Hero Complex, Warner’s Jeff Robinov said a “JLA” script is being written (suggesting they’re not using the previously-penned one, by the Mulroney’s ) and that they hope for the film – which would team DC’s legion of superheroes – to be in cinemas in 2013.
Question is, who would play the members of the Justice League? For one, Christian Bale will likely hang up the cape after next year’s “Dark Knight Rises” so the studio will have to recast the role of Batman – or will they use the same actor they go with for the ‘Batman’ reboot movie? And what about Henry Cavill, will he reprise Superman for the movie? Oh, and Megan Gale, any chance she’ll need a return ticket to the states to be fitted for the Wonder-bra?
What do you think guys? Is 2013 too early for a “Justice League” movie?