Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling offered leads in Gangster Squad


Warner Bros is pulling out the big guns for this one- Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling to be exact! It’s reported they’ve both been offered roles in their crime drama project “Gangster Squad”, with Sean Penn asked to play crime boss Mickey Cohen.

The film is based on Paul Lieberman’s article “Tales from the Gangster Squad” that appeared in the LA Times; the true story about an off-the-record police taskforce hunting down Cohen, who was part of the Jewish Mafia in the ’40s. Cohen was pretty rough stuff even for the crime world- he killed people, ran a drug trafficking trade and more.

Ryan Gosling has been asked to play one of the two cops tasked to hunting him down.

The film will be directed by┬áRuben Fleischer from “Zombieland” fame with script by Will Beal.