Here’s one way Paramount will get Trekkies to see Transformers 3



His body may have retired from acting, but his voice hasn’t.
Leonard Nimoy, the 80-year-old star of “Star Trek” and, of course, “”, has signed to provide the voice of ‘Sentinel Prime’ in “Transformers : Dark of the Moon”, says EW.
Though the film has been completed for quite some time, voice actors are cast a lot later so Paramount and director Michael Bay ostensibly had quite a while to coax Nimoy into doing it.
Both Nimoy and Transformers fans ay recognize this as Nimoy’s ‘second’ “Transformers” gig – he also provided the voice of ‘Galvatron’ in 1986’s “Transformers : The Movie”. Personally, I’d forgotten Nimoy lent his lungs to that project; what I haven’t forgotten about that particular movie was the divine theme song (heh)…

And for those who think that particular song sounds familiar…