Exclusive : G.I Joe 2 gets ‘Cross’


A casting call went out today for Paramount’s “G.I Joe 2”, which John Chu is directing for a August 2012 release.

Lensing in August in Louisiana, the currently-subtitled-less “Joe” sequel is said to be – besides a couple of the central characters from the last installment (including Duke, played by Channing Tatum) – bringing in a mostly all-new line-up of characters.

One of those new characters is ‘Cross‘, described to agents as being ‘Male; 25-35 years old; any ethnicity; a soldier.’

Though it’s not stated, I don’t think I’d be sprinting on an impenetrable minefield to suggest ‘Cross’ is actually ‘Cross-Country’, a popular character from the toyline, comic and series.

‘Cross-Country’ is G.I Joe’s H.A.V.O.C driver and was introduced to the series in 1986.

Sound like him, you think? If so, who’d be a good Cross? Personally, I’d like to see Chris Showerman get it.. maybe even a Joshua Jackson type? Any suggestions?