‘Hawkeye’ swooping in on Bourne franchise?


It doesn’t matter the industry, if someone thinks you’re aces, everyone will soon think you’re aces. Popularity stems like a virus.

Look, I like Jeremy Renner, I think he was great in both “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town”, but I don’t quite understand Hollywood’s ‘mad crush’ on him. Is it because he was nominated an Oscar? is it because he starred in the Oscar Winning film of it’s year? Or, quite simply, has Renner’s publicist done a stellar job of convincing everyone over there that her client is ‘the next big thing’? Probably a little of all, I guess.

But boy, this guy is being offered everything under the sun – they wanted him for that on-off-on-off “Escape from New York” remake; Paramount have him ‘sharing’ the new “Mission : Impossible” with Tom Cruise (with promises that Renner will take over the franchise from Cruise after this instalment); he’s headlining Tommy Wirkola’s superbly written “Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters”; and, of course, he’s been cast as Marvel’s latest big screen superhero ‘Hawkeye’ in “The Avengers” (though the character will briefly appear, with Renner behind the mask, in next month’s “Thor”). If there’s a movie in the works, chances are the producers want Jeremy Renner for it. He’s hot. But is he all that? I dunno… you tell me guys?

And more so, how do you like the idea of him heading up – in addition to juggling the “M:I” and “Avengers” series – the new “Bourne” movie? Well, might not matter what we want.. or think… that’s who Universal is chasing for this “Bourne Legacy” movie, says Latino Review.

Everyone from Joel Edgerton to Shia La Beouf had been mentioned as contenders, but an “offer” has gone out to man-of-the-moment Renner. Director Tony Gilroy wanted Oscar Isaac (“Sucker Punch”) to star in the film but the studio nixed the idea.

Keep a tight grip on your franchises peoples! Renner’s a comin’ for ’em!