Doctor Who – Mara Tares


Thanks to ABC, Roadshow Home Entertainment and Moviehole you could win one of 10 “Doctor Who : Mara Tales” DVD sets.

Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, stars in these two classic tales Kinda and Snakedance. In Kinda, the TARDIS visits the planet Deva Loka, where Nyssa remains behind in the ship to recover from a mild mental

disorientation while the Doctor, Tegan and Adric explore. Tegan falls asleep under some wind chimes and becomes possessed by an evil force, a Mara. In Snakedance Tegan falls once more under the influence of the Mara and directs the TARDIS to the planet Manussa. There the Federator’s son Lon and his mother Tanha are preparing for a ceremony to celebrate the banishment of the Mara five hundred years earlier.

How to Win : Tell us which cast member from “The Dark Knight” starred in the 1996 “Doctor Who” movie?

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