Various Superhero Movie & TV News


With WonderCon this weekend, not to mention the impending arrival of TVs Wonder Woman and the appropriate departure of TV’s Clark Kent, there’s a fair bit of comic book movie news around this weekend. Here’s a selection of bits that have surfaced over the break :

There’s only 5 episodes left of “Smallville”; the show’s executive producer Brian Peterson spoke to EW about what’s coming up. “First of all, every one of the last five episodes kind of has its own place. We very purposefully planned. The first one back, “Kent,” it’s kind of a thriller that is really heartwarming. And then we have “Booster” that is this really fun, glossy superhero that’s come to town and thrown a wrench in Clark’s plans. After that, we have a really cool, kind of Clark all-over quest. And then we come to “Prophecy,” which pushes us off in a really big, emotional way with a surprise and a twist toward the finale. The characters have a big, emotional journey going into the finale, but [those episodes also explain] a little bit of the mythology thread we’ve woven through the season. It really revs that up. So we get to see our big baddie coming as we go toward the finale.” Peterson also confirmed the return of ‘Zod’ in the episode ‘Dominion’.

Warner Premiere’s next is an animated ‘Justice League’ movie. To be released in 2012, “Doom” will be based on the comic “The Tower of Babel”, which centered on the perceived betrayal of the Justice League by Batman, whose secret files detailing the weaknesses of his colleagues fall into the hands of Ra’s al Ghul. No word on who is voicing the main dudes yet.

At WonderCon Paul Bettany and Jon Favreau were asked whether or not they’ll be reprising their roles as J.A.R.V.I.S and Happy Hogan, respectively, for Shane Black’s upcoming super-sequel. “I just bumped into Jon Favreau and I should have asked him that question… I haven’t a clue. It’s such a peculiar response I’ve had to that movie ’cause it impacted on my life in practically no way whatsoever”, Bettany said. “I get called up about a day before it gets released and they say ‘Hey man, we’ve sort of forgot about J.A.R.V.I.S., should we go and record something?’ I go into a recording studio for about an hour and I do my stuff and they write me a check and I go home.”
Favreau, who nixed an offer to return as director for the film said he’d still be interested in playing Happy Hogan, a character he’s played in both “Iron Man” films. The actor cum director said he loves the franchise but more so, loves Shane Black.

The new last son of Krypton, Henry Cavill spoke to MTV about the direction of the upcoming reboot. There’s not a lot here… but it’s something and he does hint that his ‘Superman’ won’t be too different to Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh’s incarnation of the character.

As we mentioned over the weekend, Paramount are looking for a thirty-something actor to play ‘Cross’ (assumingly the character ‘Cross-Country’) for the John Chu directed sequel. Read our report here.

Hey, I was just speaking to some folks about this “Justice League” movie that has been announced for 2013 and how they plan on using a new Batman and a new Superman in it, tell me do you think a Justice League movie can exist without Batman and Superman? Let’s chat below…