Greg McLean’s Crawlspace commences principal photography


“Wolf Creek” helmer Greg McLean is executive producing a new feature titled “Crawlspace”, a sci-fi action thriller featuring an ensemble cast of local actors led by Ditch Davey (“Blessed”) and Amber Clayton (”Three Rivers”). It’s being shot right here in the home of Lygon pizza, Melbourne.

The film, the directorial debut of sfx guru Justin Dix (“Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones”), follows a squad of elite soldiers sent to infiltrate and extract the lead science team from Pine Gap, Australia’s top secret underground military compound, after it comes under attack from unknown forces. The mission is compromised when they encounter a young woman with no memory of who she is or how she came to be there. As they try to escape, the group quickly discovers all is not as it seems and the facility has become a testing ground for something far more sinister.

McLean says, “Crawlspace is a very exciting and ambitious project that I am thrilled to be involved in. Justin Dix is a promising new filmmaker, and, true to the science fiction/thriller genre, he has created a nail biting script with plenty of scope for the actors and special effects team.”

“Crawlspace” is filming at the Docklands studios throughout April and May here in Melbourne.

Look forward to it.

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