Ask Clint : April 6, 2011


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Ask Clint replaces the section previously known as ‘Moviehole Mailbag‘ (and frequented by the ever-popular ‘Holden’; we hope – or do we? – he makes a return appearance here).

Instead of just offering up huffy-nostriled smart-arse answers, I’ll try and actually come up with some sort of half-intelligent retort or answer for you. Try and stay on the topic of film and entertainment please but if you must, I will accept the odd question regarding hard-to-move grime from shower screens.

Some of the mail I’ve received over the past week.


Hey Clint,
Something hot off “Headshot”, the Stallone vehicle. Wayne Kramer has left the project over creative differences, so could this mean Sly will direct? I hope so!

Hey Dre,
It’s quite likely. Would Sly really be a step up though? Wouldn’t replacing Wayne with Sly be like swapping a malfunctioning iPad for another malfunctioning iPad? (only with better apps, er, abs).

Hey Clint,
Saw the trailer for “Scream 4”, looks good, but why is it only coming out now? Shouldn’t it have been coming out in like 2004 or something?

We asked Wes Craven the question a couple of days ago, his response “[Bob Weinstein] and Kevin [Williamson] were talking he felt it was time. I think he originally told us after Scream 3 that there weren’t going to be any for a long time, that we didn’t want to give the idea that we were just knocking them out just to make money. And of course there was the “Scary Movie” sequence, so we needed to get some distance from that… But I think that at the end of the decade, there was just the perfect time to turn around and look at the first decade of the twenty-first century. It was quite distinctive from others and certainly the presence of the electronic media being brought down to the people, to the level where everybody is online. That’s totally different. It was time to take that into account, and at the same time the cinemas were changing very much. My step daughter’s 20 years old, she’s watching movies on her computer or her phone. The whole business, as you well know, is changing dramatically and the way the fans follow the movies and participate in the movies and make their own movies to emulate those movies is profoundly different. And it was time to make a “Scream” that could perfect all this newness.” Good enough answer?

Hey Clint,
So I’m nearly finished the site. Just got to write a few more reviews. Now, do I just copy and paste your Google ads and Your privacy policy from Moviehole to the bottom of my page? Or is there another way?

No! No! No! Stop right there! put the mouse down! Okay, first things first, if you place my Google ads on your page every dollar you make will go to me. Each Google adsense account encompasses it’s own distinct code, so you’ll want to sign up yourself and then embed your unique ad tags into the html of your page.
Secondly, you could just take my privacy policy and put it at the top of your page but that would be plagiarism, no different to stealing a story from Moviehole and pasting it on your site as your own; a Privacy Policy doesn’t have to be much but it does have to be your own original words, sir. It wouldn’t make any sense to steal ours anyway,the “this site is in no way connected to an official film studio” line etc would be ill-fitting – you’re doing a comic site so yours would have to apply to comic book publishers or video-game publishers or what have you. I’m happy to help mate, but please don’t be taking Google ads or our content – for both of our sakes.

Will Clark wear the Superman costume in the last episode of “Smallville”?
Katherine Ellis

Yes he will. Fly, too. Maybe even take Lois for a spin.

I read your piece on “Piranha 3D”. Aren’t all the roles cast anyway? Tara Reid and Aubrey O’Day are listed on IMDB as being in the movie.

none of the roles have been cast. Auditions kicked off this week.

Arnold’s new Governator trailer looks shit. Why is he doing that? Why he can’t he just go out and make a big-time action movie? And are these sequels he’s talking about doing real?

Brewster…can I call you Brew (and picture a can of beer sitting atop of your shoulders where your head should be)?
Okay, I’d say one reason why Schwarzenegger isn’t racing straight out to do a big-time action movie is because…. it’s gonna take time to remould that body.
As for the sequels, yeah he has apparently been approached about doing new “Predator”, “Running Man” and “Terminator” films, and of course there’s this “True Lies 2” rumour that just won’t go away (thanks to Tom Arnold), but I’d say it’s much more likely Schwarzenegger’s first role back in front of the cameras will be something original and not overtly physically-demanding.

Where’s Holden?

Your guess is as good as mine. Holden? You can come out and play now, if you like? We can talk “Dukes”.

Was just reading your interview with Jonathan Silverman in which he said he’d not be interested in doing a “Weekend at Bernies 3”. He’s basically just given the company permission to remake the original now! Boo!

Nameless Dude
you can’t blame Silverman for passing on a “Bernies 3” – I mean, did you see the last one!? The jokes were flatter than Bernie’s heartbeat!
But you’re right about one thing, you might just hear of a remake soon.

Can you give us an update on “Tron 3” and whether Yori will be in it? The girl from the first film? Stupid she wasn’t in the Legacy film!

The “Tron Legacy” Blu-ray and DVD is apparently doing amazing business, so much so that Disney might soon press ‘go’ on a new sequel. But as I stated a couple of weeks ago, those ‘Tron 3’ teasers that are on the “Legacy” Blu-ray were filmed without Disney’s knowing and without a greenlight for a second sequel, so their existence doesn’t automatically guarantee a “Tron 3”. As for Yori in a prospective “Tron 3”, I’d love nothing more than to see Cindy Morgan reprise the role too, but haven’t heard anything yet.

Will there be a “Scream 5” and will Kevin Williamson be writing it?

Though the returns have the final say, I’d say yes there will be a “Scream 5” (probably a sixth too) but don’t count on Kevin Williamson writing the script.I’ll explain more in an email.

I’m so over Charlie Sheen… just stopping running news items about him. I guess if there’s any ‘Sheen’ I want to know about it’s Emilio Estevez but he’s like unemployed these days.

Estevez isn’t unemployed, he just prefers to work behind-the-camera these days. His latest flick – the follow-up to the criminally underrated RFK love-letter “Bobby” – is called “The Way”, it’s a nice little flick starring dad Martin Sheen as a guy who heads to Spain to collect his deceased son’s body. Emilio wrote and directed it. I don’t think he’s got anything lined up next, but if we wish hard enough, you never know we might be blessed with a new “Stakeout” sequel – one without Cathy Moriarty and Rosie O’Donnell. Keep an eye out for more hot news on Charlie Sheen this week! #Winning #TigerBlood

The Rambo number five going happen. Not anymore.

Okay, I don’t quite understand the question but I assume you’re asking if “Rambo 5”, which Stallone was once attached to write and direct, is still happening? The answer is no, though I hear there is a “Rambo” project in early development at NuImage – one that Stallone isn’t necessarily involved with. Should we be surprised?

Brother!! Where’s that new “X-Files” movie you were talking about that time? Keen as!

Yo MC Pioneer!
No greenlight for any “X-Files 3” yet – but keep picketing, petitioning and praying because I know Fox are listening and I know they are considering dusting off the filing cabinet again, er, relaunching the franchise (just expect a big-name to join David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the film to help draw in the crowds, something the last film struggled to do; paging Russell Brand as alien leader) Keep those fires burnin’.

You’ll probably know the answer to this, since you’re old like me – is it true that the guy that made the TV show “Heroes” also made “Teen Wolf Too”?
Jane Wagner

He didn’t ‘make it’, but Tim Kring, the creator of “Heroes”, did write the screenplay for the movie yeah. I’m sure he’s quite proud of his work on it, I know I’m quite proud of having sat through it.

Why must you attack “Beverly Hills Cop 3” at every opportunity? The new film, in which they’re going to kill off Billy, sounds even worse!

Bryan (or is it John Landis?)
I haven’t attacked “Beverly Hills Cop 3” in quite some time – -I probably should. Now, where do I start? The watering-down of Axel Foley and the franchise itself? The unforgivable emphasis switching from over-the-top action to goofy jokes? The absence of John Ashton as Taggatt!? How about the whole friggin’ Wonder World storyline! The film blows like Free Willy!
As for “Cop 4”, which still hasn’t got a greenlight mind you, there’s a new script apparently and Rosewood is no longer going to bite the dust in it (Serge will – joke or a hope?). Brett Ratner is directing so have faith (Oh god, what did I just say!?).

Just reading your bit on that Crawlspace movie. You guys make shit movies downunder. ha ha!
Andrea Philips

Fuck you dude! you don’t know what you’re talking about! You obviously weren’t born when we hit our peak with….