Is a certain red-haired Parker crush in the new Spider-Man movie after all?


Superhero Hype hears that a casting call has gone out for a red-haired actress to play a small role in “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Naturally, folks are jumping to the conclusion that the role is that of Peter Parker’s imminent flame, Mary Jane Watson – who originally, as far as we knew, wouldn’t be in this one.

The posting says a “casting call has gone out for that very part under the film’s secret title, “Fiona’s Tale.” The exact description calls for an, “actress to portray beautiful red-headed teenage girl for featured background…(18+ only)”. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at”.

Thing is, why would Mary Jane Watson, even if she is only a supporting character or bit player here, be a character that an ‘extras’ agency is casting? That doesn’t make a lick of sense. What do you guys think?