Ask Clint : April 16, 2011


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Ask Clint replaces the section previously known as ‘Moviehole Mailbag‘ (and frequented by the ever-popular ‘Holden’; we hope – or do we? – he makes a return appearance here).

Instead of just offering up huffy-nostriled smart-arse answers, I’ll try and actually come up with some sort of half-intelligent retort or answer for you. Try and stay on the topic of film and entertainment please but if you must, I will accept the odd question regarding hard-to-move grime from shower screens.

Some of the mail I’ve received over the past week.


Clint, saw “Paul”. Why did Michael Biehn turn down the role Jeffrey Tambor played? Any idea?

I hear ya, If there’s one lingering question that movie left with me with it was – well, how come Paul doesn’t try and hit that Kristen Wiig but also – why was the Michael Biehn cameo cut? Biehn, of ”Terminator” and ”Aliens” fame, was supposed to be in the film (he was in the script, anyway) playing an exaggerated version of himself, who the guys bump into at Comic-Con. I asked Simon Pegg why Biehn was cut for you.
“We were like, “Hey, no one has used Michael Biehn for a little while. That’s pretty crazy. Lets… “, said Pegg. “And then suddenly Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, remembered what a brilliant actor he is”.
“We changed it from Biehn… We never asked Biehn”, says the writer/actor, adding that “it was no longer a big thing” to cast the ”Terminator” star after his career was resurrected by Rodriguez.
Still, “We met Biehn at a convention. He was such a nice guy and his kids really love Shaun of the Dead”.
“We decided to go with Stephen King. Then he turned us down”, says Pegg, so they conceived the Tambor character.

Is that 3D “Universal Soldier” movie dead?

I don’t know that it’s still 3D – surely they’ve realized it isn’t worth the extra expense of filming a movie in 3D if it’s only going to go direct-to-DVD, which, assumingly, this is? – but I do know that it’s still happening. The film – tentatively titled simply “Universal Soldier 4” – is actually being cast at the moment. Producers are looking for a spunky young thing to play the film’s Sarah Connor (circa-1984) type, er, Sarah who teams – a’la Aly Walker and Van Damme in the original – with the film’s ‘time-traveling’ protagonist, John (who I believe is played by Michael Jai White) to thwart evil laser-shooting droids.. and all that jazz. I don’t know how big Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren’s roles are but I know they’re in it somewhere. Personally, I’m looking forward to it – the last one, “Universal Soldier : Regeneration” was great I thought, really gritty and fun.

Why is Albert Brooks doing the “Knocked Up” spin-off, man!? Is he stupid!?
Steven Stockfield

no, not at all – and we know he’s not stupid, did you see “Lost in America”? “Broadcast News”? “Mother”? – Judd Apatow has actually secured Brooks a great role in the film, which, by the way, is officially titled “Life at Forty”. I’ve read some pages from the script and Brooks’ character is very funny – he’s Larry, Pete’s (Rudd) father, a cruisy real-estate agent, slightly down on his luck (much like his son is in the movie; neither of their careers are going too well), who lives in a small little house near the airport with his wife and three young triplets – who he can’t tell apart… tell me that’s not a recipe for laughs? tell me that doesn’t sound like a great part for Brooks?! Go on, tell me!

Hey Clint,
What’s going down with ”Star Trek 2”?
Bob Marlee

Hey Bob,
Sorry it’s taken so long to get to your email. “Star Trek 2” starts filming in September. It doesn’t sound like they’ve decided yet whether to do the film in 3D or not. Personally, I’d like it to be in 3D – can you imagine Rachel Nichols’ green alien chick in 3D!? Say it all, Bust-in-yo-face!

Clint, My man… your “Scream 4” review is spot-on. I’m 34 and I though I enjoyed this latest film just didn’t get as into it as I did the original trilogy. It’s not that it’s a poor film it’s just that I was much more interested in getting home and rewatching “The Shield” (I’ve started at Season 1 again) than I was watching teenagers got knocked off one-by-one.

Thanks for your kind words.. can you imagine how ace a “Scream” movie would be with Vic Mackey donning the cloak, though!? Let’s just put that out there. Look, I didn’t dislike “Scream 4”, it was actually quite a good film, I was just simply stating that – as you can appreciate – I’m no longer the target market for that film. But tell you what, I’m thankful this one didn’t go the way of “Scream 3” – ya know, one of those rubber slips off the cock duds?

Read your comments re : Superman – the Movie on Twitter and how you believe it might just be your favorite superhero movie. That’s not a silly statement at all, sir – the film is epic.

Having heard the same thing now from about 100 fellow Twits, I’m now convinced I’m not insane – not legally-speaking, anyway. I love the first “Superman’, I really do, the epic nature of it, the spot-on casting, Mario Puzo’s emotionally-charged script, the production values and namely, Donner’s handling of the character. It’s just a perfect movie. Have to say though, Donner’s cut of “Superman II” ain’t too shabby either.

Was thinking – I can’t even remember the last time I was scared during a horror movie. They’re all weak! Was it Hellraiser? Maybe one of the Halloween movies? Anything that comes to mind?

There’s one I remember, from many many years ago, that caused me to spill my popcorn and never look at basketballs the same way again… remember “Deadly Friend”? The Wes Craven film? I love it but, gotta admit, scared the bejesus out of me when I saw it at the cinema – granted I was probably only 13 or something but still, quite a surprise that, even in those times, a horror film could still evoke goosebumps and tummy rumbles. (Note to Hollywood : Don’t friggin’ remake this).
Here’s the trailer :