Back to the Future helmer Zemeckis boards Flight


Not having much luck with his computer-created mo-cap efforts of late, Robert Zemeckis (“Beowulf”, “Mars Needs Moms”) is returning to the live-action genre.

Though he was approached to do Warner’s “Man of Steel” (before Zack Snyder lunged for a pen and a dotted line), Zemeckis has taken interest in John Gatin’s “Flight”, a screenplay that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from Zemeckis’ “Cast Away”.

The film, says Deadline, would tell of…

a commercial airline pilot named Whip Whitaker. When his plane malfunctions and a crash seems imminent, he saves the day with some heroic flying and manages to land the plane with minimal casualties. He’s instantly hailed as a hero, but as an investigation into the cause of the crash unfolds, it becomes clear that he was flying under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The film is the pilot’s journey as he is encouraged to wear a hero label he thinks he doesn’t deserve, while the pilot’s union and airline try to keep the facts under cover because of the high stakes involved.

The flick is set up at Paramount.