‘Ryan’ from The OC is the new Batman


… Well, kinda, sorta.

Benjamin McKenzie, known for his roles on “The OC”, in which he played singlet-stumper ‘Ryan’, and more recently, “Southland”, in which he plays officer, will voice ‘Batman’ in “Batman : Year One”, an animated film adaptation of the Frank Miller story.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, adding that “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston will voice Commissioner Gordon, “Buffy” alum Eliza Dushku is Catwoman, “Battlestar Galactica” fave Katee Sackhoff is detective Sarah Dessen, and Alex Rocco (“The Godfather”) is Carmine Falcone.

Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu direct; Tab Murphy wrote.

Here’s a short review of the original graphic novel, courtesy Amazon :

In the late 1980s, DC Comics revamped many superheroes but realized that Batman should remain true to his 1939 history. According to the introduction, the editors also decided that the public needed to know more about Batman’s early life as a vigilante, and Miller and Mazzucchelli came together to produce Batman: Year One. Originally released in 1988 in four parts, the stories have been combined into one book. Opening with the arrival of Lieutenant James Gordon in Gotham’s police force, the story goes on to inform readers about the level of corruption permeating the force. They also witness Bruce Wayne’s first encounter with the prostitute named Selina, who will become Catwoman. Wayne speaks to his dead father, asking for guidance, and is answered with a bat on the windowsill, and Batman is born. The remaining chapters highlight Gordon’s continuing difficulties with the corrupt police force, Batman’s early difficulties in protecting and using his arsenal of weapons, and the first villains he chooses to pursue. At the end of the book, readers are treated to some background on Mazzucchelli’s art, the production of Year One, and details on Richmond Lewis’s coloring techniques. Both beginning and devoted Batman fans will enjoy this edition.