Quick News – Ice Age 4, Green Lantern, Superman, Bridesmaids, Teen Wolf


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The special effects budget on big June release “Green Lantern” has been increased. Reason for the bump is that Warner Bros have had to hire a second effects company to get the film finished before it’s release date – which is less than two months away! “There is no problem on ‘Green Lantern,’?” Chris de Faria, Warner’s exec VP of digital production, animation and visual effects says in response to rumours that the outsourcing may hint to a ‘troubled’ production. “We try to add things to make the movie better until the 11th hour. That doesn’t mean we’re risking the movie up to the 11th hour.” (More…)

Johnny Simmons (“The Conspirator”) has joined the cast of Sony’s “21 Jump Street” movie, according to Variety. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has apparently committed to making a cameo appearance in the film (but no word yet on whether he’s reprising Tommy Hanson or not) says Coming Soon.

Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lopez have joined the voice cast of “Ice Age 4”. The newie, “Ice Age : Contintenal Drift“, featuring returning stars Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck, hits theaters on July 13, 2012. Lopez will play Shira, a sabre toothed who melts the heart of Diego, also a sabre toothed tiger. (More…)

Brandon Routh, out stumping “Dylan Dog : Dead of Night”, says he’s proud of “Superman Returns” but admits it does have it’s problems. “I loved the movie, I’ll stand by it,” said Routh. “Did it do everything that everyone wanted? That every fan boy and girl wanted? No. Do I think there should have been more fighting in it? Yes. It would have been great to have some fighting. Would I have liked to see more of Brandon as Superman flying, versus CGI Superman flying? Yes, because I just think that pulled me me out of the film a little bit. They did an amazing job, but there were still some shots that were not as good as the real thing, honestly. There’s that but you know I’m 6 years older now then I was then, I’m so much more mature, I feel like I could have brought more maturity to the character.” (More…)

Speaking of Superman, a poll conducted by ComicBookMovie shows Billy Zane is the clear fan favourite to play Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s new “Superman” movie. The “Titanic” and “Sniper” star is closely followed by former “Smallville” star Michael Rosenbaum.

William Forsythe (“The Rock”, “Halloween”) has been tapped to play a gangster in the upcoming second season of HBO’s ”Boardwalk Empire (More…)

Colin Farrell tells Cinema Blend that contrary to reports his “Total Recall” won’t be a straight-up film adaptation of the original short story. “There’s literally stuff to be done with that same story. And it’s not, and I read some blurb it’s going back to the original short story. No it’s not! It’s Kafka, the original short story, I mean it was Philip K. Dick, but it was so dark and it was such a kind of omnipresent sense of power and corruption, and that plays into ours as well, but it’s not nearly as dark as the original. But it’s good stuff. It’s good stuff. So I’m going to start that in a couple weeks.”

In addition to Jim Piddock (“Best in Show”), who will be playing the father of Emily Blunt’s character, Nick Stoller’s “Five-Year Engagement” has also snapped up Mindy Kaling, from “The Office”. (More…)

Paul Walker will star in “Vehicle 19“, a South African-shot thriller about an unsuspecting traveler in a foreign country who picks up the wrong rental car and becomes tangled in a web of police corruption. (More…)

Paul Greengrass has put his Martin Luther King biopic on hold and will instead concentrate on bringing to the screen “The Deep Blue Good-By“, the first in a series of novels focusing on a chap named Travis McGee. Leo DiCaprio has long wanted to play Travis McGee, the beach bum who lives on the houseboat The Busted Flush. When he needs money, McGee takes “salvage consultant” jobs, recovering property for clients, taking a big percentage, and getting into misadventures along the way. (More…)

Who is Jodie Foster playing in Neil Blomkamp’s “Elsyium“? The head of an alien planet.. (More…)

Marisa Tomei, Olivia DeMunn and Alison Pill are being courted for Aaron Sorkin’s new series “More As This Story Develops“. The show will star Jeff Daniels as a news anchor who has his own show. (More…)

Joel Kinnaman from AMC’s “The Killing” has joined the cast of the Ryan Reynolds/Denzel Washington thriller “Safe House” says THR, while Twitter reveals “Death Race 2” babe Tanit Phoenix is also onboard the movie.

20 years after sweeping the 1991 Academy Awards, Kevin Costner’s Civil War epic, ”Dances with Wolves”, was completely shut out at this year’s 20/20 Awards held at Seattle’s Central Cinema last Wednesday night. Long regarded as criminally overlooked by members of the Academy, ”Goodfellas” made out like a bandit with 6 awards–including Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay.
The 20/20 Awards honor excellence in Film through the advantage of 20 years of hindsight. Offering a thoughtful alternative to the politically charged Oscar ceremony, the 20/20s present a winning statue affectionately known as a ‘Felix’; winners of both awards—Joe Pesci in Goodfellas for instance—are said to have won an ‘Odd Couple’. Other winners from the evaluated year—1990—included Best Supporting Actress Annette Bening for ”The Grifters”, Joel and Ethan Coen for their Best Original Screenplay–”Miller’s Crossing”, and Tim Burton’s modern day fairy-tale ”Edward Scissorhands”, which garnered a respectable 4 awards in technical categories–having won no Academy Awards twenty years prior. Kathy Bates and Jeremy Irons won Odd Couples for their turns in ”Misery” and ”Reversal of Fortune” respectively.

There were apparently a few things chopped from the theatrical cut of “Scream 4“. A scooper tells Bloody Disgusting, “The parking garage scene was noticeably extended. In the cut we saw in the screening Sid’s publicist is chased down in the parking garage after the call and killed. (We saw all these shots in the theatrical cut.) Therefore the entire sequence in her car were added later, I presume. The second is the scene that takes place after Dewey answers to dispatch call to the girls’ home. (The girls killed in the opening scene.) There is a very grisly scene in the living room, with one girl dangling from the ceiling fan and “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie” written in blood over the mantle. This scene wasn’t too long, but it was very good for establishing purposes, not sure why it got the cut. (Ha, see what I did there? ;)) Also, the opening scene was almost entirely different. Marnie’s death was completely chopped up. There is an extension of the scene where she has a conversation with Ghostface before dying.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” will open slightly earlier in Australia than originally planned; the film will now open Wednesday 13 July with midnight sessions Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.

“Paranormal Activity 2” scribe Chris Landon will write the next chapter in the series, according to Bloody Disgusting.

The Australian theatrical trailer for “Burke & Hare” starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis is online.

Burke and Hare – Australian Trailer by Paramount_Australia

E! have a new TV promo for the upcoming ‘Boof-less’ “Teen Wolf” TV series.

Finally, Universal have sent over a link to a new restricted trailer for the Kristen Wiig comedy “Bridesmaids” :