Here’s the evil bitch who will be out to make Superman’s life hell in 2012


Though more established-names like Diane Krueger and Alice Eve were said to be vying for the part, looks like Warner Bros has settled on a relative unknown for the part of ‘Faora’ – that’s Zod’s sidekick – in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. The part is essentially, from the sounds of it, that of ‘Ursa’ from the original “Superman” movies – -but with a different Christian name.

Antje Traue, who co-starred with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in “Pandorum” (but has had little luck snagging anything juicy since), is the frontrunner to share snarls with Michael Shannon (playing General Zod) in the 2012 flick, says Deadline.

The Superman Wiki page has the following listing for ‘Faora’ :

Ursa, also known as Faora and by other names, is a Kryptonian supervillain, and companion (and lover, in some versions) to General Zod. She is a man-hater, although her two companions, Zod and Non, are both male. She is a prisoner of the Phantom Zone. Ursa is a Kryptonian grunt and she is also Zod’s wife.

In nearly every depiction of the character, it seems that her primary crime was related to her hatred of men. In the silver age comics in which she was introduced, she ran a concentration camp for men, and killed 23 in the process.

In the movie Superman II, she was known as Ursa, still the companion of General Zod and a man-hater. In Superman: The Animated Series, she was known as Mala. In early seasons of the television series Smallville, she was known as Aethyr, which is the name of a different character in the comics. Despite her changing name, many elements of the character stayed constant throughout the various versions.

The current comics version of the character is called Ursa, and is active on New Krypton. In Smallville, the current version is Faora.

Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon and Amy Adams star in “Man of Steel”.