Quick News – Lana Lang contender, Rock as Charley Pride, Batman locale



  • Party Down Movie!? – Goregous Lizzy Caplan says the cast and crew of the late “Party Down” are ready and willing to do a film based on the popular Starz sitcom.  Hopefully she’ll get naked for it.
  • Anton Yelchin hasn’t read the script for Star Trek sequel– That’s what he says. And that’s what Simon Pegg told us recently too. Must be true. Actors don’t lie, remember?
  • ‘American Pie 4 gets a release date – “American Reunion”, the latest of the nostalgia-fueled features Hollywood has in store, will be April 6, 2012.  Biggs is warming up his schlong as we speak.
  • Channing Tatum to Strip – in a new film Steven Soderbergh is putting together called “Magic Mike”. Tatum, of course, was a stripper himself before he cracked Hollywood – so he knows where he likes the money to be shoved.
  • Guy Pearce doing Alien prequel that’s not an Alien prequel? – Aussie Guy is said to be up for a role in “Prometheus”, director Ridley Scott’s sorta-kinda prequel to 1979’s “Alien”.  The Space Jockey hopes he brings ‘Bouncer’ along for the ride (or in the very least, Jason Donovan).
  • Hugh Dancy has a fling – Or he will, in the new thriller “Spree” about a soon-to-be-married whose last fling gets a little bit out of control. Sounds better than “Ella Enchanted” anyway.
  • Batman alone in India – Christian Bale will be the only cast member needed to shoot scenes for “Dark Knight Rises” in India,  with the shoot said to be taking place next week. The only other shoot happening at the same time is the assassination of Michael Caine – for divulging too many details about the film! and the last one!
  • No CGI Iron Man or Hulk movies say Pixar – They promise… just like they promised no sequels.
  • Dwayne Johnson sings for his supper – “Fast Five” savior Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will play country singer Charley Pride in a film that Randy Jackson (?) is producing. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel continues to deny rumours he likes to sing. And breakdance.
  • Dean Koontz coming to TV – “Twilight Eyes” (simmer down Kristen fans!), one of Koontz’s books, is – like Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” – headed to TV.  The series, airing on Starz, will likely run for only 6-8 episodes…. which over at Fox they call a ‘long running series’.
  • Vanessa Hudgens is Knocked Up –  Hudgens has joined Brendan Fraser in a new teen pregnancy drama called ”Gimme Shelter”. (We all know Ms Hudgens couldn’t really be pregnant – she’s a virgin, of course!…according to her publicist)
  • X-Men First Class Writer Kufuffle Sorted – And may the… richest, most powerful lawyer win! The film will now boast as many writer credits as it does mutants.
  • Dylan McDermott gets to look at Connie Britton every day – Or will be, having joined the cast of FX’s ”American Horror Story”, which Britton stars in. The former “Practice” star will play a “handsome and masculine but sensitive therapist who loves his family but has hurt his wife.” Loveable Bastard.
  • Meagan Good to get her kit off? – Quite likely, she’s just joined “Californication” after all.
  • Mackie up for both World War Z and Gangster Squad – “The Hurt Locker” star is being courted for two big plum pay-days, “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt and “Gangster Squad”, the Ruben Fleischer-directed crime drama starring Sean Penn. Meanwhile, I’ve been offered a week extension on my mortgage payment.
  • More pics of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in the “Smallville” finale – The gig that’s going to pay for the Rosenbaum family Christmas dinner this year.
  • Jennifer Kendall up for Lana Lang in Man of Steel? – Yes, seems there’s another pivotal female role to be cast in Zack Snyder’s reboot; Lindsay Lohan better move fast.
  • Oscorp to feature in The Amazing Spider-Man and new set pics! – Love you Web.
  • Bunnyman comes to DVD – Carl Lindbergh’s indy horror film,  which features cannibals as it’s central villains, comes to DVD June 21. Finger Lickin’ Good.
  • Cromwell film wins at film festival – This weekend ”A Lonely Place For Dying”, a western-actioner featuring Cromwell and Michael Wincott, won two awards at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival; “Best Big Budget Feature Film” and took 2nd Place for “Best Feature Film.”

“The Color of Money (1987)
The New York Times said : “In ”The Color of Money,” Mr. Newman and Mr. Scorsese dare to do something that few serious film makers ever attempt – that is, to give us an update on a character who was complete in his own time, place and work. The news this morning is that, against all odds, they’ve succeeded in creating a most entertaining, original film with its own, vivid, very contemporary identity and reason for being. Sharing honors with Mr. Newman, who appears certain to receive another Oscar nomination for his performance as this Fast Eddie, are Tom Cruise and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, both of whom do their best work in films to date. “

“It’s in the way that you use it!”