Ask Clint – May 1, 2011


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Ask Clint replaces the section previously known as ‘Moviehole Mailbag‘ (and frequented by the ever-popular ‘Holden’; we hope – or do we? – he makes a return appearance here).

Instead of just offering up huffy-nostriled smart-arse answers, I’ll try and actually come up with some sort of half-intelligent retort or answer for you. Try and stay on the topic of film and entertainment please but if you must, I will accept the odd question regarding hard-to-move grime from shower screens.

Some of the mail I’ve received over the past week.


Coupla of weeks ago you guys said Cross-Country will be in “G.I Joe 2”; know any more characters that will be in it?

Aside from those returning from the first film (Channing Tatum’s Duke, being the main one), the only other character I’ve heard auditons are currently underway for, is ‘A.C’, described as a twenty-something Asian female with modern ninja-training. I’m not well versed in the world of “G.I JOE” so I’m not sure whether ‘A.C’ is a new character being introduced in “G.I JOE : Cobra Strikes” or if she’s an estbalished character from long ago?

hey clint whats going with evil dead 4 is that going happen or what whats going is it remake or what i hope 4 happens write back and let me know okay holden

We’re super pleased to hear from you! No idea what’s going on with “Evil Dead 4” but I hear that “Dukes Of Hazzard vs Darkman” flick is inching forward.

how about a ‘Wacky Races’ movie, anyone?
definately would luv to see that!
Scottie, Gawler, South Australia
P.S keep up the good work mate, luv ur site 🙂

Thanks for the kind words, sir. As for a “Wacky Races” movie, nothing on the horizon, man – though I recall about six or seven years ago reading that one was in development and the frontrunner to play Penelope Pitstop was Reese Witherspoon.

What’s the current status on the Terminator franchise?

“Fast Five” director Justin Lin is attached to direct a new “Terminator” movie that has Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to play… well, I don’t know who Arnold would be attached to play? Surely he’s too old to play the T-800? Maybe the guy who lent his likeness to the original model? Whatever the case, the film is still without a studio – but with Schwarzenegger now onboard and Lin’s “Fast Five” making huge bucks, expect someone (*cough* Universal *cough*) to make an offer pretty darn soon.

Do you think Alyson Hannigan’s role will be big in “American Reunion”?.Isn’t she too busy with her show?

Michelle, Hannigan’s character in the “American Pie” films, is present in the script but she’s not around for the entire film – giving hubby Jim (Jason Biggs) the opportunity to spend time with his much, much younger female neighbor.Jim, of course, is tempted but at the back of his mind has to keep reminding himself that he’s a married man now.

Where’s the Hole Cast?

I’ve been so snowed under this year, working in a completely different field from usual, that the Hole Cast has been neglected I’m sorry to say. Good news though, Mandy the publicist and I are planning on resurrecting it next week. Tune in then.