Charlie Sheen to star in new TV series for rival network?


As CBS plans to reboot “Two and-a-half Men” without their original lead, Charlie Sheen says he’s looking at doing a series for a rival network.

Sheen, says The Hollywood Reporter, dropped the not-so-surprising news at one of his concerts this week, saying only that the show would be “epic”.

Of course another network is chasing Sheen – he gave CBS one of their biggest hits, particuarly in the sitcom arena, in years (and before that, helped keep ABC’s “Spin City” on the air for quite a while after Michael J.Fox left) but more than that, I think the actor’s realized (what with the lack of movement on “Major League 3” and his film career in general) that Television is his bread-and-butter.
Question is, why kind of show will Sheen be fronting? Will it be something of a similiar ilk to “Men” – a primetime comedy? Or maybe something a little edgier, if even for a cabler, like “Californication”?
Guess we’ll find out soon enough.