Did wannabe Man of Steel actor prank internet with bogus Lex Luthor claims!?


This is smart, silly and – Phoebe, do you have to? – super.

Adam Harris is a name you may have heard recently – he’s the guy who had apparently been testing for the role of Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”.

He’s the dude who has, if you’ve been keeping abreast of the Google alerts, emerged as the frontrunner for the part of the film’s villain.

He’s also the guy that added fuel to rumours Lindsay Lohan is set for a role in the ‘Superman’ reboot by suggesting she’s the actress he has been reading with for the part.

Oh, and he’s also the guy that’s just been busted for spreading bogus claims – atleast according to Jeff Sneider at Variety.

”OFFICIALLY 100% DEBUNKED: The actor who everyone thinks has been testing for LEX LUTHOR in MAN OF STEEL has just come clean. It’s a HOAX!”

While it always seemed unlikely Warner Bros would settle on an unknown for the role of the hairless rogue – no matter how appropriately bald and visually menacing – Harris’s claims were delivered with just the right amount of subtlely and smartness that they were easy to believe. He would tweet items about say, buying a book on Lex Luthor; hanging out with a “special someone” (that he’d get in trouble for if he revealed); kicking about with an actress that was supposedly a ‘Lana Lang’ frontrunner; and how his tweets are getting him in trouble. Oh, and he did a photoshoot posing in various Luthor-esque ways (see above).

Alas, Sneider says it was all just a ploy to get Warner and Snyder’s attention. Goota give the boy points for trying.

What’s odd is that quite a few websites contacted Harris’s reps for confirmation and they were happy to confirm the rumours. Maybe not that odd, thinking about it – but still, didn’t quite work out as planned… or did it? The press has done the man good though – check out this – he’s already being treated as if he has snagged the role of Lex Luthor.

Harris updated his Twitter feed a few hours ago – likely after this story came to light – saying “Unfortunately I did not get the role but look forward to other pending opportunities, I have to admit Im disappointed but wish all the best.”

After all this, we don’t even know if Lex Luthor is even in the film.

So who DO we want as Lex Luthor, guys?