Because your 14-year-old niece asked for it! Final Destination 5 Trailer, Poster


What a cashcow these “Final Destination” films are – and they’ve no signs of falling into the red anytime soon. Who actually likes these flicks though? They don’t offer really anything but, er, conspitation from over-buttered popcorn. Okay, so the first couple were Okay (the ‘Ali Larter’ ones), but did you guys see the last one? The so-called “The Final Destination”? What was that!? It was an episode of the Wide World of Sports as far as I could see – lens tricks, replays and car tyres fling about. Wow. Twenty bucks thanks. Even the one before that, with the roller-coaster, was… forgettable.
But yet, they make money… so what do I know? “Final Destination 5”, out August 12th, looks like it encompasses everything that made the first four films what they were – um… I’ll get back to you on that.

Look kids! It’s David Koechner!