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Upfront Updates : What’s Coming and What’s Going

Movie News

Clint is taking a “sick day” today (can you believe it!?) so here to help out for a few.
Been a lot of coming’s and going’s in the TV world over the past 24 hours so here’s an update on that front – what’s canceled, what’s greenlit.

Pick Ups

The Ringer (The CW) – The new Sarah Michelle Gellar series has been picked up – but not by CBS, who had originally comissioned it, but the CW (where Gellar’s “Buffy” called home). Gellar plays twins, one of whom is wanted by the mob so impersonates the other.

“Persons of Interest” (CBS) – The Jonah Nolan created series, starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson, is a go.

“Once Upon a Time” (ABC) – Fairytale’s come to life…

“Good Christian Belles” (ABC) – Formerely known as “Good Christian Bitches” and stars Leslie Bibb as a Mean Girl forced to make amends with her victims.

“Charlie’s Angels” (ABC) – No explanation needed.

“Scandal” (ABC) – Shondra Rhimes show about ‘fixers’. Bill Paxton was gonna star at one stage? Not sure if he’s onboard…

“The River” (ABC) – Martin Henderson is hailed a hero in some sort of civil war drama.

“Revenge” (ABC) – Phil Noyce directed the pilot of this Hamptons-set thriller starring Emily Van Camp as, well, a woman scorned.

“Last Man Standing” (ABC) – The new Tim Allen comedy. Guaranteed hit.


“Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) – Considering how much it cost to produce, the network decided it was cheaper to let the show – which would hardly have featured Calista Flockhart next season anyway – die.

“Hallelujah” (ABC) – Not surprised, it sounded dull. A Marc Cherry created christian-themed drama starring Jesse L.Martin and Terry O’Quinn.

“V” (ABC) – The reboot of the classic ’80s series ends here.

“Poe” (ABC) – I actually would’ve liked to have seen this; Aussie Chris Egan as Poe, the world’s very first detective, as he uses unconventional methods to investigate dark mysteries in 1840s Boston.

“Bad Mom” (ABC) – A Jenna Elfman sitcom that was, say those that have seen the pilot, actually funny.

“Georgetown” (ABC) – A Josh ‘The OC’ Schwartz created political drama set in Washington about twenty-somethings who work for powerbrokers. Katie Cassidy and Kevin Zegers were among it’s cast.

“Mr Sunshine” (ABC) – The Matthew Perry starring sitcom is dead. No surprise there.

“No Ordinary Family” (ABC) – The once promising superhero series starring Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz is headed to the junk yard.

“Off the Map” (ABC) – Sondra Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” in the Jungle, starring Martin Henderson and Rachelle Lefevere, won’t be back.

“Law & Order : Los Angeles” (ABC) – Dead and the reason I won’t be eating for the next couple of months.


“Exit Strategy” (FOX) – the Antoine Fuqua/Ethan Hawke action drama wasn’t picked up by Fox as expected but veteran TV director-producer Ken Olin (also an actor, of course) has been roped into retooling the show.

“Breaking In” (FOX) – The Christian Slater/Brett Harrison comedy was canceled last week (Despite fairly good ratings). Word is Fox may have reconsidered their position on the show and, should next weeks episode do OK numbers, will likely bring it back next season.

“The Event” (NBC) – NBC have axed it but there are talks underway to see the show continue on another network.

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