10 Disappointing TV Series Finales : Lois & Clark


10. Lois & Clark (1997)

Episode : The Family Hour
Synopsis : Lois and Clark reveal Superman’s identity to Lois’ father in order to find out if it’s possible for them to have children together. Meanwhile, an angry villian with mind- control powers escapes from prison, finds out Superman’s identity as well, kidnaps Lois and Clark’s parents and threatens to kill them unless Superman does as he says. There is an unexpected ending to this final episode of Lois and Clark (TV.com).
And you thought the ”Smallville” finale was dissapointing? Do y’all remember the final episode of that other Superman series? A Baby turns up on the doorstep of Lois (Teri Hatcher) and Clark (Dean Cain), now husband and wife, with a note attached requesting they take care of him. We never found out who the baby belonged to… where he came from… if it could projectile-vomit from one side of Metropolis to the other.

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