Trailer for Holly Valance comedy Big Mamma’s Boy


The trailer for a hilarious new Australian comedy called “Big Mamma’s Boy” starring Holly Valance (“Prison Break”) and George Kapiniaris (“Underbelly”), is up in our new trailers section.

BIG MAMMA’S BOY is the Australian feature film debut for Holly Valance (Neighbours, Entourage and Prison Break) and is written and co-produced by comedian Frank Lotito (producer of Stefano’s Cooking Paradiso and The Phone).

Set to have audiences in fits of laughter, the film is directed by AFI award winner Franco di Chiera (Under The Skin, The Joys Of The Women) and features an ensemble cast of some of Australia’s best comedic talent including George Kapiniaris (Underbelly, Kick and Acropolis Now), Maria Venuti (Pizza, Always Greener and Fat Pizza), Costas Kilias (Kings of Mykonos, Blessed and Two Fists, One Heart), Steve Mouzakis (Summer Coda, Where the Wild Things Are and Knowing) and Jim Russell (City Homicide and Satisfaction).

Featuring model Pia Miller in her first film role and exclusive song performance by Australian Idol winner, Natalie Gauci. A light-hearted and fun-loving comedy about family, food and relationships, BIG MAMMA’S BOY is a vivacious yet poignant journey into the unique world of Italo-Australian culture from those who know it best!

Again, head to our trailers section here to watch the trailer for “Big Mamma’s Boy” and many more.

“Big Mamma’s Boy” is cinemas July 28, 2011

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