Exclusive : Luke Goss doing ’80s throwback actioner, Trackers


Luke Goss will star in and produce “Trackers”, Moviehole learned exclusively today.

A throwback to ’80s actioners like “Tango & Cash” and “Lethal Weapon”, the Christopher Don written screenplay centers on Hendrix and Hawk, the two greatest bounty hunters in the world, who must join forces to track down a federal witness. With timing running out, Hendrix and Hawk must complete this daunting task in order to save their beloved families from a deadly criminal known as The Psycho and his legion of mercenaries.

Goss (“Death Race 2”) will play one of the lead roles. The two main roles, as per above, are the bounty hunters: Hawk (a wild man, womanizer, loves strip clubs and to party) and Hendrix (a loving family man, spiritual, straight edge – no alcohol, drugs). Hendrix helps Hawk overcome his personal demons over the course of the film. Which role do you guys think might suit Goss best? Frickin’ great actor, don’t think it’d much matter – he’s as versatile as a swiss army knife.

Luke G Productions are said to be interested in making “Trackers” a very stylized actioner; we’re told to picture a Sly Stallone style action film doused in a glossy “300”/”Sin City” coating.