Robert Zemeckis, Denzel Washington take Flight in the fall


It’s official, Robert Zemeckis’s next flick won’t feature soulless computer-generated characters. The “Back to the Future” and “Polar Express” director has signed on to direct the not-so-animated Denzel Washington in “Flight”, the story of a forlorn airline pilot turned American hero. Zemeckis had been flirting with a couple of time-travel movies as his next project (“Replay” and “Timeless”), as well as a “Roger Rabbit” sequel (that’s unlikely to happen for quite some time due to the filmmaker’s now icy relationship with Disney), but this’ll do – better than another mo-cap effort, I guess.
24 Frames says “Flight”, “about a pilot who rescues his passengers from a dangerous situation but who turns out not to be as heroic as he appears — he’s an addict whose negligence was partly responsible for the danger in the first place”, will shoot in the Fall.