Tron 3 has a new writer


Sounds like the “Tron Legacy” sequel might happen – so long as the upcoming animated series based on the films (“Tron Uprising”) doesn’t go the way of, er, this. Based on the preview that leaked a month ago, I think it’s fairly safe to say that “Uprising” will have it’s audience and thus, “Tron 3” will have it’s time in the sun grid. Two folks that won’t be returning for the next film are…Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis; according to The Hollywood Reporter they’re too wrapped up in their TV series “Once Upon A Time” (that’s the fairytale thing with Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison) to pen a “Legacy” sequel. Which many, I’m assuming (having loathed the all style-approach to “Legacy”), will be happy to hear.
Now in charge of “Tron 3” is David DiGilio, who wrote the underrated Disney flick “Eight Below” starring Paul Walker (and lots of snow). DiGilio is also the writer of an upcoming Showtime series called “Last H.O.P.E”, which is described as a cross between “Mad Max” and “M*A*S*H”.
The trade says, as I mentioned above, that Disney are likely going to see how TV’s “Tron Uprising” performs before greenlighting the sequel but the fact that they’ve hired a writer suggests Flynn may live. Again. I just want three things from a third “Tron” :1)More Journey 2) Cindy Morgan as Yori and 3) Less young Flynn, more old Flynn.