Who does MGM want to write their Poltergeist remake?


MGM have been trying to get a “Poltergeist” sequel/remake/reboot/spin-off up longer than I’ve been a Dad (I should know; you can read about it here); are we any closer to seeing one though? I doubt it. Still, doesn’t stop the shingle from trying to pretend they’re interested in being in the ‘Freeling’ business. According to Vulture, the re-liquidated MGM are after David Lindsay-Abaire (“Rabbit Hole”) to write the script for the remake (Yeah, they no longer believe – and frankly, weren’t ever truly convinced – a sequel, featuring returning characters from the original film, is viable).

Lindsay-Abaire, who wrote “Oz : The Great and Powerful”, has not yet accepted the mission of trying to breathe new life into a franchise addition that, quite simply, will never be able to compete with the original Tobe Hooper Steven Spielberg original – and maybe that’s the reason behind his indecisiveness. In fact, I don’t doubt it. The one thing I’ll say, as much as I detest the idea of a remake of “Poltergeist”, atleast MGM are chasing worthy writers to get the job done.