Is Bill Paxton directing the Arnold’s in True Lies 2!?


Now we all know that Tom Arnold’s film career pretty much started and ended with “True Lies” (though he has done a couple of OK movies since none have been as successful or memorable as the 1994 actioner) and for that reason he’s been touting a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring movie for years. Problem is, the only person that seems to know anything about a “True Lies 2” is Tom Arnold.

RumourFix caught up with Arnold this week who, fresh from lunching with cheating ex-Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger (he had a twitter pic to prove it), once again started talking up “True Lies 2”.

“I’m very excited about him getting back to work on True Lies 2,” Arnold told the site. “It’s a perfect movie for him.”

Arnold also mentioned that Bill Paxton, who co-starred in the original film, will direct the sequel (Paxton is good friends with James Cameron, and has worked with him several times, so that’s not too hard to swallow; in addition, Paxton has directed before – amongst his films the terrific “Fraility”). Again, first I’ve heard of that.

The site contacted Schwarzenegger’s rep for some kind of confirmation; though they denied the project is happening anytime soon they did mention it being a possibility.

“As we’ve said, all projects are on hold right now. True Lies 2 has been discussed for some time, but there is nothing happening right now. Governor is focusing on personal matters right now.”

So… is “True Lies 2” happening? I’d like to think so. But again, until we hear it from someone other than Tom Arnold, take it with a grain of salt.