Corey Feldman was sent to take out Osama Bin Laden!


Let’s be honest here, Corey Feldman plays a certain type of character – usually a cheeky, well-groomed charmer. The part he plays in the new comedy “Operation Belvis Bash” is a complete 180 from Edgar Frog (“Lost Boys” 1-3) or Mouth (“The Goonies”); the actor/musician is a “Jewtastic” comedian (Corey Feldman), who is flown to Afghanistan to enterain the Afghani people in Mihail Levitan’s new comedy.

Feldman tells us he was a bit taken back at first when the offer came through. “I was given a script in which they were asking me to play a 50 year old balding Jewish comedian from Boston, and I thought they thought I was Jason Alexander. I was like …ummmm no I can direct you to Jason’s agent but I’m not him. I can’t play that guy….I could create a character that would be that guy but I Corey Feldman am not that guy. But I will need make up…lot’s of make up….lots of really… expensive… high powdered…make up! So that’s exactly what I got!”.

Feldman’s creation was one “Samuel Stillman. He is the most pervasive, arrogant offensive, and obscene comedian the world has seen since Tony Clifton and just as insane! He manages to insult every single denomination and creed with his rants (which were all improvised) which he directs at his hosts raising tensions between East and West to a breaking point. You are sure to be insulted at least once, and guaranteed to laugh at least once too. It turns out however he is deep under cover for the CIA in an effort to take out Osama Bin Laden, that however is not revealed till near the end.”

Feldman says he wore quite a few hats on the film. “I also exec Produced it as well as wrote and perform the end title credits song. The film also features The Iron Sheik. He and I last worked together on Cyndi Laupers Goonies video.”

“Operation Belvis Bash”, which had it’s premiere on Thursday, also features Mark Metcalf (“Animal House”, “Buffy”), Larry Thomas (“Seinfeld”‘s Soup Nazi), Daniel Baldwin (“Vampires”), Frank Stallone (“Tombstone”) and Alexander Loy (“Charlie Wilson’s War”), who plays the title role.

Here’s the trailer :