Charlie Sheen may have a new TV show


Read in the paper this morning that Charlie Sheen has apparently got a new TV show in the works, one that won’t even have to go through the usual pilot process but be immediately greenlit; plan would be for the show to begin airing in January. Sounds a little dimish to think that a network wouldn’t even test a show, even with a successful star like Sheen involved, but it could be true (there’s bound to be a few network execs out there who want the ‘next two-and-a-half men’ on their network; hope they’re not too disappointed when Sheen turns in a turd). Let’s not forget that Sheen has had just as many failures as he has successes – in fact, besides his two year stint on “Spin City” (which wasn’t even his show; Michael J.Fox was the drawcard there and ratings dipped significantly once Sheen came onboard to replace the ailing Fox), CBS’s “Two and-a-half Men” is the only real bright spot amongst Sheen’s TV credits*, and for that matter his recent movie credits.
According to TMZ, Sheen is in deep negotiations to return to TV… in some shape or form. I don’t know how they’ll get insurance for the guy, but suppose if Robert Downey Jr got away with being on “Ally McBeal” for as long as he did (though it wasn’t too long) while remaining his typical partyboy self, there’ll be a way for Chuck to beat the system too.

* Prior to “Spin City” Sheen featured in the A&E pilot “Sugar Hill”. It never made it to a second episode.