Will Modok turn up in Captain America 2?


In an interview with Screen Junkies, “Captain America” screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus touched upon the inevitable sequel – which may or may not include a ‘floating head’.

Here’s a taste of Fred’s conversation with the typists :

Q: Since Marvel is setting up not only this franchise, but The Avengers too, what is the strangest note you got?

SM: It’s not even so much we get notes based on what the next Avengers project is going to be. I would just say it’s not even notes. The world is so interesting and there’s so much of it, 70-80 years of Marvel comics, you just have conversations where an executive will say, “Have you considered Modok?” And we think to ourselves, “The guy’s a floating head? How fabulous would that be if we can do that?” The depth of the world makes for some really interesting, weird conversations. As far as a specific strangest note, I don’t think I have one because from Marvel, mostly they’re good and they end up in the movie.

Q: With the Modok conversations, at what point do they get crushed by, “No, we can’t put that in the movie?”

SM: Well, at first, “We’ll save that for Captain American 2.” We’re sort of just opening up what are all the things we could be drawing from? So things like that come up.

Q: We know he comes into modern day for The Avengers, but is there room to go back to WWII?

SM: Well, our hope is that there is room and we’re negotiating how to do that now. The story will likely be in the present day. We’re experimenting with flashback elements for more period World War II stuff. I can’t say much more than that but we made it baggy enough to refer to more stories in the past.

Q: So you left gaps in Captain America 1 where you can always say something else was going on back then?

SM: Absolutely. He had more adventures than just the one you’re going to see in the movie.

Q: Do you know who the villain of Captain America 2 would be?

SM: It’s undetermined. I will pass that question, how about that?

Q: When would you be scheduled to work on a sequel?

SM: We’ve already made the deal so I was at Marvel last week. We’re talking and passing stuff back and forth all the time. They just sent me a big PDF file of comics.

The Chris Evans-starring “Captain America : The First Avenger” hits cinemas in about a month.

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