Men in Black 3 suffering a massive budget blow-out


The budget for “Men in Black 3” could blow out to as much as $215 million dollars, because of Will Smith’s massive demands and delays in filming.

The Wrap says the star has been making incredibly expensive requests, including asking for a couple of sets to be torn down and rebuilt to suit his ideas of what was “right” for the film.

Another time he reportedly needed a set to be changed because he improvised a phone call with Tommy Lee Jones’ character ‘Agent K’, and deviated from the script so much the set no longer fit the scene.

There’s been a number of problems with the production of this film- starting with his massive trailer needing to be moved from a New York City street because it was too big; and ending with delays in shooting and problems re-working the script.

Everyone official seems to be keeping mum on this speculation, but who knows. $215 million is a lot to spend on re-booting the “Men in Black” franchise, even though the first two did bring in some pretty spectacular box office cash.

What do you think? Are you still excited to see “Men in Black 3”?