Casting : G.I Joe 2, Argo, Paperboy, Lincoln, Broken City, Star is Born


Who better to star in a movie you’re directing than…yourself! Yep, that’s what’ll be happening in Ben Affleck’s case as the actor/director is set to star in his own film, ”Argo”, according to the trades.
With Alan Arkin and John Goodman set to star, Affleck will (obviously) take on the lead male role as Tony Mendez, the CIA exfiltration expert who created a fake Hollywood production to get six Americans who were hiding out at the Canadian ambassador’s out of Iran. (More…)

The Paperboy
Time for a quick recap: Last week we found out that Sofia Vergara (”Modern Family”, the upcoming ”The Three Stooges” film) dropped out of Lee Daniels’ (”Precious”) film ”The Paperboy” due to scheduling conflicts from her TV show so the director was scurrying around to find someone to replace her. That someone may be Nicole Kidman. Kidman is in talks to replace Vergara in the role. And that’s not the only issue going on within the cast. Tobey Maguire has now dropped out of the film as of last week which has now caused the shoot date to be pushed back in order to find a replacement for Maguire. Still on board from the original cast is Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron. “Paperboy” centers on a reporter and his brother who investigate the events surrounding a murder in order to exonerate a man on death row. Kidman, if her deal can be made, will play a woman with a dark side who writes letters to men on death row. She brings the case to the attention of the reporter, developing a relationship with him. (More…)

“Goodnight and Good Luck” star David Straitharn will play William Seward, ”Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State, an outspoken abolitionist and a core member of Lincoln’s wartime cabinet” in Spielberg’s biopic. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Lincoln and Sally Field is Mary Todd Lincoln. (More…)

A Star is Born
Leonardo Di Caprio may reunite with his “J.Edgar” star Leonardo Di Caprio for the long-gestating musical remake. Leo would play opposite Beyonce Knowles. (More…)

G.I Joe 2
Dwayne Johnson has confirmed his involvement in the film, while the trades say rapper cum actor Rza (“The Man with the Iron Fists”) and D.J Cotrona (George Miller’s aborted “Justice League”) are in negotiations to play roles in the film. Cotrona will play Flint, a Joe soldier best known in the toyline and 1980s comics for his shotgun and beret. RZA will play a martial arts master named the Blind Master who in the past trained Joe commandoes Snake-Eyes and Jinx (Yung). (More…)

“Hangover Part II” star Jamie Chung will star in ”Eden”, a gritty indie being directed by Megan Griffiths. The film tells the true story of a young Korean-American girl who is abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers. Throughout the two years she is held, she ensures her own survival by carving out power and influence within the very organization that has imprisoned her. (More…)

Broken City
Mark Wahlberg may star in Allen Hughes’ noir-style drama ”about an ex-cop-turned-private detective who is hired by the mayor to see if his wife is cheating on him. When the mayor’s wife’s cheating partner ends up dead, the private eye immerses himself in the mayor’s business and uncovers a real estate scandal that involves dealing himself choice city-owned properties.” (More…)

World Without End
Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin, Peter Firth, Charlotte Riley and Tom Weston-Jones will star in Ridley and Tony Scott’s eight-hour mini-series that serves as somewhat of a sequel to the book “Pillars of the Earth”. (More…)

Carey Mulligan (“Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”) will star in director Gary Ross’s next film, a science-fiction actioner set in the Australian outback. (More…)

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