Spike Lee explains why Inside Man 2 fell apart


Though the first film did well, and a script for a sequel is already in the can, Spike Lee says the long-gestating “Inside Man 2″ won’t be happening.

“I haven’t made a feature film in three years… Inside Man was my most successful film… But we can’t get the sequel made”, the filmmaker told Charlie Rose. ”And one thing Hollywood does well is sequels. The film’s not getting made. We tried many times. It’s not going to happen… But money is a big part of film, unlike a lot of other art forms.”

“Inside Man”, released in 2006, told of a cop who has to talk down a bank robber after the criminal’s perfect heist spirals into a hostage situation. Jodie Foster, Clive Owen and Denzel Washington starred.

In 2008, Lee announced that a sequel to the film was going ahead. Terry George was hired to write the screenplay; Owen, Foster and Washington were believed to be onboard. “Inside Man” scribe Rusell Gerwitz had taken a stab at writing the follow-up, and I think that’s the draft I read, but Lee quickly dismissed Gerwitz and decided to hire George to steer the ship in a different direction.

Are you disappointed there won’t be an “Inside Man 2”?