Firefly on the big screen thanks to Thor actor


Marvel-regular Ray Stevenson (“Thor”, “The Punisher”) has signed to play ‘Firefly’ in Paramount and director Jon M.Chu’s “G.I Joe 2 : Cobra Strikes”.

The flick, starring Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki and Dwayne Johnson, will see the team take on Stevenson’s evil COBRA rogue.

The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news, doesn’t have much on the character so we’ll refer to the G.I Joe Wiki :

Cobra’s military may have grown in strength and specialties but they still choose to call in one man for high-profile sabotage missions: Firefly. His abilities in stealth and infiltration are legendary. Equally legendary is his handiwork in explosives. He knows where his explosives can cause the most damage.

No one knows Firefly’s true background, his real name or what he looks like. It is believed that he started working with Cobra since its earliest inception. His fees are always payable in advance into a Swiss bank account and are non-refundable and he makes no guarantees. Apparently, Cobra doesn’t mind since his work speaks for him.

Meanwhile, What’s Playing reports that the character of ‘Mouse’ may be the next part cast in the sequel :

One of the most coveted roles in blockbuster-movie land this month is that of ‘Mouse’, the teen hunk at the center of G.I Joe 2.

A character from the Sgt. Savage and Screaming Eagles series, the 18-year-old Southern charmer is said to be a major player in the Paramount sequel. One casting agent says it’s “a huge role for a young up-and-comer”, adding that “the role would be Taylor Kitsch’s had he been just a spot younger”. The idea, I believe, is to try and entice young teen girls into the film.

Guess we’ll find out within the month who director Jon M.Chu has cast as ‘Mouse’.

Not being a fan of “G.I Joe” I don’t know who’d be appropriate for the character of Mouse; any suggestions?

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