In a interview with Total Film, Rose McGowan says it’s unlikely she’ll ever get to play ‘Barbarella’ on the big screen, despite being attached to play the character for many years – and not because Universal didn’t want to. Reports had McGowan and [ex-beau and] director Robert Rodriguez struggling to raise the budget for the film because she wasn’t a big enough name for the role, but the actress says that’s bullocks.

“I have a test that we did that would blow people’s minds”, the “Sin City” actress tells the August issue of the magazine. “I took the flak. I never announced why. And I took all the hits of [people] saying, “She couldn’t raise the money”. But there was $80m in Germany. Robert didn’t want to shoot there and I had serious family stuff.”

McGowan, next in “Conan the Barbarian”, says the film isn’t likely to happen – not with her and Rodriguez anyway.

“Probably not, just because of… I’m with somebody British now”.

Sad to hear that this project won’t ever come to fruition?