Exclusive : Johnstad rewriting Man of Steel


Y’all know the caped boy scout returns to cinema next year in the form of Henry Cavill, right? And he’s of course got Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Chris Meloni, Michael Shannon, Harry Lennix and surrounding his Justice Leaguer.. but what of the “Man of Steel” script? David Goyer penned the thing, right?

Well, yes.. he did.

But now that Goyer’s busy working on “Godzilla”, WB and Snyder had nobody available for some rewrites… solution? Kurt Johnstad.

One of our more reliable scoopers dropped us a bit of information over the weekend regarding the two gentlemen that have been working on the script post-Goyer :

Now that Goyer’s is off The Man of Steel and on to Godzilla, Snyder got Kurt Johnstad (whose his regular, go-to writer, including 300, that Last Photograph project that Bale’s attached to now originating from Snyder’s noggin and that 300 spin-off) to take over for rewrites. Jonah Nolan took a pass on it too.

Interesting. Wonder what Nolan and Johnstad were actually charged with rewriting though? More character? More action? A saucy sex-scene between Cat Grant and Clark?