Casting : Yoakam, Pepper, Badge Dale, Carter, Yeager, Seda, Van Houten, Dillane


The Lone Ranger
The ever eccentric but talented Helena Bonham Carter, Dwight Yoakam, Barry Pepper and James Badge Dale are all in talks to join Disney’s big-screen version. With Ruth Wilson and Tom Wilkinson already part of the cast, Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp have long been confirmed to star in the film as the Lone Ranger and Depp as Tonto. Yoakam would play Butch Cavendish, leader of the Cavendish gang and the pic’s primary villain, while Pepper would play Captain J. Fuller, the leader of the seventh cavalry. Dale, best known for starring in ”The Pacific” for HBO and AMC’s ”Rubicon”, would play Dan Reid, the Lone Ranger’s older brother and leader of the Texas Rangers. Carter, who is currently lensing Tim Burton’s ”Dark Shadows” at WB, is still in early discussions — but if a deal closes, she would play the colorful madam of a local brothel. (You know she’s going to star in another film alongside Depp. Those two are practically glued to each other when it comes to film projects). “The Lone Ranger” is written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, and Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road) and will be directed by Gore Verbinski. The film will hit theaters on December 21, 2012. (More…)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
Dan Yeager will play Leatherface in the reboot. Director John Lussenhop says the actor has “huge farm boy arms, a brooding brow. He’s quiet, circumspect, and immediately struck a menacing chord with me. After five minutes, I could no longer think of anyone else for the role.” Marilyn Burns will also be cameoing in the film, as will another original “Chainsaw” cast member John Dugan, who reprises his role as the Grandfather. Also among the cast, Shaun Sipos (“Melrose Place”), Scott Eastwood (“Gran Torino”), Richard Riehler (”Office Space”), Paul Rae (”True Grit”) and Thom Barry (“Independence Day”). (More…)

Game of Thrones
Carice Van Houten (”Black Book”) and Stephen Dillane (”John Adams”) will join the cast of the small-screen hit for it’s second season. They play sorceress Melisandre and Stannis Barantheon, respectively. (More…). Meanwhile, a second source says Liam Cunningham will be playing Stannis’s most trusted adviser, Davos Seaworth on the HBO show (More…)

Bullet to the Head
Jon Seda (“Larry Crowne”) is playing Louis Blanchard, Jimmy’s (Sylvester Stallone) hitman partner in the Walter Hill directed actioner. It’s a small but pivotal role for Seda. (More…)