Snake Plissken? I Thought You Were Dead? Oh, you are!


Yep, rejoice Carpenter fans… the “Escape from New York” remake is kaput. For the time being. New Line and Warner Bros have opted not to push forward with their long-in-development relaunch of the Snake Plissken character (played by Kurt Russell in the original and it’s *cough* shitty sequel *cough*), letting the option lapse on the property. What this means, of course, is that another studio might decide to pick up the option. But for the moment, no need to sob into a bucket of overpriced, oversalty popcorn as Chace Crawford dances about Manhattan island with an eye-patch and a CGI Donald Pleasence (Actually, Jeremy Renner and Gerard Butler were oft-rumoured for the part of Snake).

Deadline, who have the scoop on New Line’s discarding of the project (which everyone from Brett Ratner to Breck Eisner have been attached as director), says no actor had been locked down for the role of the one-eyed vigilnate. That’s good news, if you ask me, because it might possibly suggest that nobody fits Snake but… Kurt Russell. And maybe, just maybe, another studio will smarten to the idea that a new “New York” sequel, with Russell back as Snake, might work just as well if not better than a reboot.