Comic-Con 2011 : Total Recall, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider Posters


As is usually the case each July, Moviehole is here at Comic Con in San Diego. Come up and say hello if you see any of the staff – heck, buy one of us a panadol milkshake if we seem a little under the table weather. It’s going to be a big enough year at Comic-Con but not super-big, if only because a couple of the big studios are skipping this year (hopefully this doesn’t suggest that the big wigs don’t consider Comic-Con a viable marketing tool anymore and slowly start dropping off the Convention Grid); still, there’s much anticipation for Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ghost Rider 2” panels, a lot of excitement (in the 12-18 female group) for “The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2” and, markedly, Steven Spielberg has fanboys waiting on edge – he’s making his CC debut this year, bringing with him some stuff from “Tintin”.

What stuff can you see already here? Well, mainly posters, here’s a few you might not have seen yet :

These snaps taken by Frosty at Collider..