Comic-Con 2011 : Rodriguez announces Machete, Sin City sequels; Heavy Metal


Robert Rodriguez took to the Hall H stage a few hours back and talked up some of his upcoming projects; not surprisingly, one of those projects is the long-awaited sequel to “Sin City”.

Sin City 2 : A Dame to Kill For” has a script (by Frank Miller) and a possible start date (“It could shoot as early as later this year”). The film will, like the original, feature three stories; two of those stories will be new, the third will be Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For”.

The sequel, which will likely see Jessica Alba reprising her role as Nancy, is likely to be shot in 3D.

Rodriguez also said two “Machete” sequels, “Machete Kills” and “Machete Kills Again… in Space!” have been greenlit.

Danny Trejo will, of course, be back for both movies – and he’ll carry with him a lightsaber-esque weapon in the latter film.

In terms of original (well, kinda; it’s a remake) projects, Rodriguez now has the rights to “Heavy Metal” and is currently collaborating with the magazine’s owner Kevin Eastman on the feature.

Says the filmmaker, “I recently acquired the rights to Heavy Metal to make a large-scale media project and an animated film. I’ve always been a fan of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal magazine.

I think one of the ideas I always believed in, is international artists coming together to show their best work. And when I ask other fans what they think, they all want to work on it. So I thought it would be really cool if everyone got the chance.

So what I’m doing with this website is having you submit ideas for stories, characters, or worlds that we can use in these projects or in the animated film. In any which way you can put together: written out, drawn, maybe even shot. You know, the more you can do to get the idea across, the better because I’d really like to make this a collaborative effort.

Some of the stories we’re working on already, but I’m leaving a slot open for the audience who has been so good to Heavy Metal and who has always believed in Heavy Metal and what it could be. And i think it would be great if we all participated together and made this the best version of Heavy Metal that ever existed.

So I hope you can join us for…Heavy Metal.”

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