Comic-Con 2011 : The Raven, Haywire


Following up the big “Tintin” panel, Relativity showed off two of their most promising releases of the next year – the long-awaited “Haywire” starring MMA fighter Gina Carrano and directed by Steven Soderbergh, and also “The Raven”, with John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe.


The presentation kicked off with the all-new trailer for “Haywire” which looks, honestly, like a fun ‘popcorn’ action-movie – surprising, some may some, for Soderbergh.

The film footage that followed a bit later featured Michael Fassbender and Carrano posing as a billionaire couple; he betrays her and they slog it out for a good 3-4 minutes.

Carrano, Soderbergh and Channing Tatum sit on the Panel.

  • Soderbergh wanted to do a female action movie in which the actress did all her own fights and stunts. Tatum said she knocked someone out for real in rehearsals.
  • Carrano says she loved doing the action sequences, but did develop an interest in performing as a result of working with Soderbergh
  • Soderbergh says, despite what Matt Damon says, he’s not retiring yet

Looks like a fun movie! great cast!

The Raven

James McTiegue’s flick; Cusack as Poe.

Like “Haywire”, the presentation begins with the film’s trailer.

  • McTiegue says the film takes place in the last 5 days of Poe’s life
  • Film shot in Eastern Europe so it looked gothic
  • Alice Eve joked about being covered in dirt.. for her big burial scene

Like “Haywire”, it probably won’t do big business but looks like it’ll be a good film.