Comic-Con 2011: Underworld Awakening


Hall H got gothic with moderator Chris Gore, who headed up the ”Underworld” panel to promote and show off new 3D footage of ”Underworld Awakening”. The studio ushered out Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman, Michael Ealy, Theo James and Directors Mars Marlind & Bjorn Stein to talk up the latest in the vampires vs. werewolves flick.

What you missed:

They showed off some gory 3D (the 3D didn’t exactly do it for me; the action sequences, however, work fine) footage at the panel, with blood splurting as Beckinsale sliced throats in her usual sexy, leather suit.


  • Les Wiseman promised “Underworld” would never go to space and that he did have idea’s for future sequels, joking that it was all just a matter of what Kate is willing to do.
  • Plenty of amusing jabs at “Twlight” with Kate Beckinsale saying her husband thought about Vampires and Wolverines in the same flick before it became the craze.
  • There wasn’t any film coverage on the Lycans but Wiseman assured fans they were in the flick.
  • Kate Beckinsale slipped that she did have a daughter in the current installment of the franchise but she’d been warned on the car ride over not to let out any details.
  • Emma Thompson gave Kate Beckinsale great advice when she started “Don’t shit on anyone important.”
  • When Beckinsale was asked about her outfit she said it  was surpringly more comfortable (than the previous installments)  except after lunch and was like “like being a big condom”  made with a lot of latex.

Overall the flick looked like the gory, gothic fun that fans have enjoyed and Kate Beckinsale is a witty delight!